While D.L. Marshall insist it is time for all believers to become C.I.A. Andrew Torba says “The Time For Lukewarm Christianity is Over”

D.L. Marshall has insisted and advised that all believers of this generation should be Christians in Action. It is high time we move beyond mere words and act. Andrew says in his recent email that, for many Americans, Christianity has become a rapidly deconstructed fragment of their actual identity.



4/30/20214 min read

The co-founder of GJC and Believers Tribe has insisted and advised that all believers of this generation should be Christians in Action. It is high time we move beyond mere words and act. It’s high time Christians needs to begin to bond and support one another like never before. Christians should not hesitate to provide and support the needs of their fellow brethren, to volunteer and support workers who will take the gospel to other regions, cultures, nations, and to address various needs within the church it community body.

Christians should assist and provide for the poor, the less fortunate, and those in dire situations. “We must help and support the weak fellow members of God’s family. Our care for our siblings in Christ is a litmus test of our faith. If we do not provide for their needs, our “love” is only empty talk. And if we do not love our brothers and sisters, how can we claim to love God, their Father? Our faith calls us to action—and that includes faithful action with our time, wealth and resources.

The Author of The Path further said, "divide and conquer is a tactic that has been used successfully by the power elite of the world for centuries. Controlling factions of the power elite work to keep public and media attention focused on issues that divide us into two of more polarized camps so that their greatest concerns of attaining and sustaining power and control go unnoticed."

D.L Marshall also said, “These are not the times we Christians should be divided, these are times we need to be more united, as the adversary wants us divided, against another, and also against the word of God that should be our common platform, the principles that unites us, the code of conduct for our lifestyle and life guide.”

Christians must act and move beyond polarization and focus on “good vs. evil” and “us vs. them.” Christians should stand united against policies which are not biblical standard. We believers of the word of God should see ourselves as Christians called to action, proclaiming Jesus Christ and living a Christ-centered life.

Christians needs to begin to bond and support one like never before building their own financial system, educational institution, social media communication platform, housing and property system patronizing Christian owned businesses as well.

Likewise, Andre Torba, founder of Gab, says in his recent email that, for many Americans, Christianity has become a rapidly deconstructed fragment of their actual identity. People refer to themselves as a “Christian” when asked about matters of faith, but you won’t find them openly proclaiming Christ as their central identity. How many of us are living according to God’s Word and how many are living according to the ways of the world?

In my early twenties I was calling myself a Christian, but I was living a very worldly life. God came secondary to my career and worldly desires. I wasn’t attending church. I wasn’t reading my Bible. I wasn’t praying. What part of me was living a Christian life that could justify calling myself a Christian?

That all changed a few years ago when the Holy Spirit moved my heart closer to God

The more the Enemy attacked and persecuted me, the closer God drew me into His loving embrace. I started attending church, got married, became a father, and humbled myself as the worst of sinners before an Almighty God.
This is a trustworthy saying, worthy of full acceptance: Christ Jesus came into the world to save sinners, of whom I am the worst. 1 Timothy 1:15

They are embracing demonic critical theory and the “woke” gospel instead of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Instead of worshiping God, they worship idols in the form of celebrities, sports players, and politicians. They value material “stuff” over the fruits of the Spirit. They seek comfort and fleeting pleasure over the suffering and courage it takes to live an unapologetic and authentic Christian life. They are lukewarm Christians.

The time for lukewarm Christianity is over. Christians need to rise up and proclaim the name of Jesus Christ the King of Kings to the world. We are the super majority in The West and despite the fear mongering that isn’t going to change anytime soon.

We are the ones establishing nuclear families. We are the ones bringing up our children to know and love the Lord. We are the ones building sovereign businesses and infrastructure. We are the ones with a future worth fighting for. We are reformers, builders, and pioneers.

The entire coalition of the demonic critical theory ideology is filled with self-centered atomized individuals who need Christ. They chose lust over love, greed over grace, and pride over humility. This never ends well and it will not survive the hourglass of history.

The Enemy’s current strongholds are in the education systems and in the culture. Their top objective is the indoctrination and conversion of your children to their demonic religion. The single most important thing we can do as Christian parents is to prevent that from happening.

It’s so important to not sink into despair right now. We serve the Creator of the Universe. Trust His Plan. Christians need to play the long game and we need to start being strategic about our plan to recapture the control of our countries. That begins with the end of lukewarm Christianity.

The tolerance of the generations before us has led to the subversive takeover of every facet of society and even the faith by the global elite. That does not mean that they cannot be defeated. I believe that God has a plan to do so, but it will take the organized, peaceful, and long-term commitment and effort of His people to accomplish this. We must never again tolerate evil and the spirit of the antichrist in our culture, governments, education systems, homes, and our own hearts.