Please donate to support the needy and our on-going projects.


There are also projects to be embark on, which means establishing our presence in other countries, supporting our volunteers. Of-course we all cannot be there, but we have a role to play and this is where your support in donation comes in and will go a long way to save a soul today!


We hope you take a few moment and decide to be part of this great move to witness, harvest and prepare this generation for the second coming of our Lord Jesus Christ. It is good to be part of a team working together in a God-given mission. There is so much to be done. Above all, we can only ask God to help us love, care and support the communities around us.


In order to reach out to the world; there are programs to organize, gospel magazines to print, and people in need to take care of. We believe we can do much more when it comes to the spiritually lost, those who are struggling, as well as survivors of natural disasters. Our world is hurting and we want to do our own part to heal and help someone out there.

You can support us with a one-time or periodical donations (weekly, monthly, and yearly). Our team is transparent and we keep everyone updated on projects we are working on. God is good and we are thankful that the Lord chose us to serve.
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