A New converts to Christ Severely Beaten by Islamic Extremists

New cases of violent attacks by Islamic extremists against converts to Christ in Uganda continue to be reported.


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10/6/20222 min read

New cases of violent attacks by Islamic extremists against converts to Christ in Uganda continue to be reported: last month, a father of four in Kaliro District was subjected to forty lashes for leaving Islam, and a 52-year-old mother in neighboring Kibuku District was kicked and beaten with sticks until she sustained severe injuries, Morning Star News (MSN) reports.

On September 9, 38-year-old Musa Wabwire of Bulumba Sub-County, Kaliro District was at home praying when local Muslims arrived to confront him about why he had stopped attending the Mosque, MSN reports. The Muslims had also listened to a secretly recorded video of Wabwire listening to a Christian radio program, Wabwire told MSN. “After hearing it, they all got annoyed and flooded into my home and asked me many questions, which I failed to answer,” said Wabwire, who had secretly become a Christian while serving as treasurer for the mosque.“I only told them to take their money box and that I be left with Christ, who was enough for me.

They became so angry and started beating me up while shouting, ‘Kafir, Kafir [infidel]!’” When Wabwire refused to renounce Christ, the Muslims beat him 40 times with sticks.“My belongings were thrown out in the rain and got all wet,” Wabwire said. “My brothers said that I should not be killed, but instead leave the homestead.” Wabwire and his wife and four children have now gone into hiding, MSN reports.

In nearby Kibuku District, Shadia Namuzungu was attacked on Sept. 16, just two days after becoming Christian at a Gospel event in Kituti village, MSN reports.“I had been suffering from acute stomach pains for more than three years,” Shadia told MSN. “I was prayed for [at the Gospel event], and the pain disappeared.” Shadia put her faith in Christ and left the event full of peace and joy. When her local imam found out about her conversion, a group of six Muslims arrived at her house and beat her severely.“Shadia started to faint,” a Christian neighbor who heard Shadia’s cries of pain told MSN. “She had deep injuries on her back, both hands, stomach, legs and had swollen eyes,” said the neighbor, who took Shadia to a clinic for treatment.

Christianity is legal in Uganda, but new converts from Islam are vulnerable to violence from extremist Muslim relatives and neighbors.

In our world where everything seems to be constantly changing, many Christians sometimes feel very uneasy. With the Fact of holding beliefs and adopt living a Christ-Centered life, how does one apply them into today's world?