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Generations of Jesus Christ | Harvest of Believers is a non-profit ministry reaching out to the citizens of the world, by sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ, harvesting souls for Christ, and reaching out to those who are struggling and hurting in our world.

The Seed Devotional Guide

The daily devotional passage is intended to improve you and assist you in encountering God through the sacred scripture, which will help focus your thoughts and guide your prayer life.

Christians who pray and study God's word daily tend to grow closer to Him and develop a stronger relationship with Him—helping you tune out other distractions to focus entirely on God. With The Seed Devotional Guide, you have the right combination of a deeper understanding of the Bible, meditation notes, and prayer, allowing you to experience euphoric moments of rapturous communion with the Lord.

Do not abandon your daily devotions. Never rush through them. Refrain from letting other demands and life's hectic schedules crowd them out. Instead, educate yourself on the Christian life and strive to become Christ-like. Your devotions may have appeared ordinary today, but God is doing extraordinary things through them. Carry on. Give yourself time to get through the process.

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